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The following list of features are examples that have been requested by previous clients. It may give you some ideas of what you require.

A more detailed description of each feature can be viewed by clicking the specific item's link below.

Foundational Structure (required)
A streamlined, robust underlining framework to support all required functionality.
Register of Customers/Suppliers/Others
For personalized details, with unlimited people types

Unlimited Transactional Recording
For historical/future actions and Contact Management

Auto Reminder System
Auto Pending Actions and Reminders

Document/Image Management
Management of electronic documents and images

Roster/Appointment Booking System
Diaries, Booking Systems, Calendar needs, multi-user sharing

Point-Of-Sale System
Rapid capture, processing and recording of sales transaction

Accounting Records and Reports
A full featured, easy to use, streamlined Accounting System

Timesheeting for Job/Staff
Project/Task or Salary Timesheeting Management

Quoting and Invoicing
Quoting/Invoicing/Purchasing with unlimited multi-line items

Stock/Inventory Control
Incoming and Out-going Stock Control

Project/Process Tracking
Process Management, auto notifications as required

Marketing/Bulk Emailouts
Choose an audience, a layout/wordning, then auto email/print it

Contact List Management
Categorise people into unlimited Interest Groups for marketing

Event/Activity Management
Control the organization of all related activities

Seminar/Class Bookings System
Register student bookings, payments and attendances

Customer Call Logging
Register calls with action redirection for unlimited categories

Equipment Maintenance Scheduling
Equipment Registration and Maintenance Scheduling

Project/Task Management
Project/Process/Action related Management

Auto Email Response Management
Retrieve bulk email responses automatically

Quick data Entry Screens
As required, distribute data automatically

Data Import Manager
Import Data from other sources directly into your system

Search and Matching Systems
Cross reference matching requirements ie buyer/seller

Auto Emailout Sequencers
Send multiple emails to multiple audiences automatically

Sales Commission/Rebate Allocations
Handle upfront and Trail Commissions/Rebates

Manual Email Response Mgr
Send pre-worded standard responses as required

PDF File Creator
Generate PDF files automatically

Staff to Staff Mesaaging
Communicate with internal staff in a single click

Customize your own
We just need you to know what functionality is required..we will then assist you define it

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Delivered, On-time, On-Budget
Can I just thank you for making my experience in setting up a Company Database a totally painless one! It seems that as soon as I thought of something that I needed and sent it to you, you sent right back with the solution - great! I was dreading having to set up a database, but just couldn't cope with organizing the volume of the work that I was getting in - certainly not without missing something. The program is now looking just like I want it to, even down to the color scheme - and I know that any last minute tweaks will be dealt with immediately.
Michelle Connell - Cheer Creations, UK

Our database system has revolutionized the way we do business. With a very busy Service Company, we need information quickly, accurately and available to all our staff. EBS has delivered a system to do all this and more for under $4000 and the beta version was ready for viewing within 40 hours. Furthermore the operating costs are only $400 and this has allowed us to make savings of over $40,000 per year in staff costs. Prior to EBS, we had another company take 18 months to deliver and only delivered 10% of what EBS has delivered.
Mic Humberstone - Surekil Pest Control - Australia

Hi, my name is Crista Thomas. Owner of CLT consulting incorporated, Southport, North Carolina, United States. Recently i have employed the services of enhanced business systems from Australia. And have been very impressed with their work. Their quick response, personalized service, and quality of database systems they delivered are second to none. I would highly recommend them. Thank you EBS for a great product and a great service.
Crista Thomas - CLT Consulting Inc - North Carolina USA

EBS did a fantastic job in designing my financial / investment management database. My system required some very complex calculations of growth/losses, fees, commissions, new investments and redemptions, which two previous large programming companies failed to achieve. EBS could cut through the jargon and approach the project in a clear and logical manner, and convert the thoughts in my mind into an operating system. The system is very robust, flexible, and the support when required has been timely and helpful.
Robert Wall - High Yield International - Australia

After several years of successful business together I would like to thank you for your professionalism and understanding of our business needs. Your prompt response to calls and lateral outlook in solving problems has been a pleasure to work with. Thank you for your time and effort in assisting us grow our business through the technology you provide. Many thanks.
Kerri Burness - Director - Equity Access Australia Pty Ltd

We are very willing to recommend your company's services to any business considering to improve their processes. We would like to write and express our appreciation of the fantastic efforts of EBSdatabases on our company's behalf. The capabilities of EBSdatabases product are clear to see in the sample product which was initially sent for us to evaluate. This was then completely customized, to suite our business requirements; and the results in terms of dealing with the ever-increasing enquiries and sales have completely exceeded our expectations. We are especially pleased at how quickly EBSdatabases responded to our alterations and updates, and of the patience and understanding shown when dealing with us, and our lack of in-depth knowledge of Database software systems. EBSdatabases delivered exactly what we required without fuss and within a very ambitious time frame, and also budget. The designing and daily maintenance of the system is A1 and we can't find fault in any way. From initial contact to the present day which includes the before and aftercare, the whole thing has been a lot easier than we ever thought it could be. Keep up the good work.
Mo Miah - Hammondpi Consultants, Birmingham, United Kingdom

You provide an excellent service & product at a very good price. I have relayed this to numerous people who have spoken to me about their own bad and costly experiences. The fact that I have not had to make any changes since the original purchase says a lot about the quality of the product and your ability understand and meet your customers needs. I look forward to doing business with you again. Thanks.
Craig Winter - Parramatta Swim School - Sydney Australia

Let me begin by saying that EBS Data Systems and Mr. Adams are both legitimate Developers and highly ethical. They are willing to work with non-profit organizations at slightly more than half the cost of similar developers both here and abroad. Mr. Leigh Adams is congenial and works with you through each phase of the development, asking you to review functionality with multiple beta versions of your database. He accepts your input for changes, additions and functions down to custom color changes until you are completely satisfied. Only then does he release your final, customized database. But it doesn’t end there; he will walk you through using the database and how it functions until you are clear as to its operation. Being in Australia, Leigh uses a variety of communication tools along the way, including e-mail, phone conversations, Internet Skype Phone which is toll free and direct connection with your computer from his company. I personally have been in contact with him for minor tweaks to my database (at no cost) and for reminders about how to accomplish certain tasks, long after I approved and received my final database. Each time he was congenial and very helpful and told me that he was available anytime in the future when i needed his assistance. Let me say too that his databases are future customizable and upgradeable should the need arise. Our company is the Long Beach Shakespeare Company, a non-profit arts education and instructional Theater Company. As the name implies, we are based out of Long Beach, California. We have been very pleased with our database so far. The basic database was developed, literally within just a few days but I had clarity about what I wanted and the functions I needed; something you need to do as well. Thereafter, we spent several weeks working back and forth with several beta copies of the database, making changes, tweaking functionality and even colors until I was satisfied that it was as I expected and was intuitive enough for anyone to use. Leigh will also work with you on payments and does not charge the entire fee up front. This was a good, trust building gesture, in my opinion, as I too was unfamiliar EBS; not to mention the large number of scams out there today. Leigh is honest, very fast and very good at database development. I have no problem recommending him to anyone. I will say, however, that given the differences between Australian English and American English, you may have to ask for an occasional translation to the “Kings” English and remind him (with questions) that not everyone speaks fluent “computer” language! I was fortunate because I do speak the language… computer-ease, that is. Seriously, Leigh is just fine and you will enjoy working with him should you decide to proceed. I hope this helps,
John Canino MS PhD - Long Beach California - USA

It is with pleasure that I am writing this testimonial for Enhanced Business Systems. Over the past 6 years EBS has assisted me personally in the development of a total of four Database systems using Microsoft Access. Their level of expertise in developing such systems that not only save time, were reliable and functional have became the intrinsic backbone of our organization. Any organization, small, medium to large has information processing that is time consuming and cumbersome. There is no doubt in my mind that either within my< current role or in the future - that I would not include EBS' expertise in information management. Out of my large and varied resource base I would consider EBS one of my most important resources.
Kelly Dryburgh - Howard Developments - Australia

We have recently used the services of EBS Databases to build a custom MS Access application. We would recommend EBS highly following the service we received, as everything was delivered on time, the assistance and support was excellent and the application does exactly what we required. We would most certainly use them again if further work is ever required.
Stuart Passmore - COO - Broadbean Technology Ltd - UK

Even though we did not decide your progress with your proposal, nevertheless, this was not an easy decision because you offered a good price and conducted yourself with professionalism throughout the evaluation process and my crazy change from Access to MySQL. I do regret sending this email and hope that I have not cost too much of your time to date. I feel that you truly wanted the best outcome for me and appreciated your statement that you would withdraw if you ever felt you could not deliver the ideal outcome for me. I was impressed with that. Once again, thank you for your effort to work on my project. I wish the best for your business.
Darrell Kay - Kay Investments, Inc. New York - USA